Sell Sell  CM352 General Rubber Grade of CPE

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CM352 Gneeral Ruber Grade of CPE
1. Product Features:
This product is a kind of irregular structure thermoelastomer without any crystals. It has the characteristic of low plastic temperature, suitable ML viscosity, fine processability, fine resistance at low temperature, fine weather resistance, fine deflection and fine fire-resistance, Not only it can be used as halide rubber solely but also it can be mixed with CR, CSM, NBR, EPDM, SBR and NR at any proportion.
2. Main Application:
This product can be used as special synthetic rubber, as well as character-modifying agent of general-purpose synthetic rubber. Manufacture kinds of flame resistant cable&wire sleeve, rubber pipe, flame resistance belt, rubber parts, rubber plate, automobile sealing plate, insulating layer of cable&wire and roof waterproof coil, etc.