Sell Sell  SLCO

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We currently are working on allocation for SLCO. We will consider new clients on a first come first serve Basis. Buyers who have all there information together and can provide what is required in a timely fashion will be considered first. If the buyer has an ARAMCO registration then that is very advantageous and if they don't have ARAMCO registration but the refineries have a satisfactory BLC then they have every good chance of getting what they need.

We will send you a signed and sealed NCND, Soft Offer with Terms & Conditions and the SLCO Specifications, also a LOI Template, which we have found expedites the process, for your Buyer should he choose to use it.

At the level we operate we require a signed and sealed NCND with the Buyer (Your friend can sign it also to protect your interest) , a LOI or ICPO (Company Name on the letterhead) , with either an ARAMCO registration number or refinery registration number(s) and the Bank Information.

We will not present or represent a Buyer to the Government with any LOI or ICPO devoid of any Company Name on the letterhead, registration number(s) , the Bank Information, and Seals. We don't want to waste either the Buyer's or the Seller's resources.

We also will not entertain any request from the Buyer that they have to meet with the Seller's Signatory first.

For efficiency and stability during the process, we will be the Chief Facilitator coordinating any request for documentation, etc. If this is unacceptable to the Buyer I understand, (they feel they are not in control, and they are not until the TTM) .

Also, ask the buyer for a follow-up letter that states that he is able and willing to purchase the Oil, through us, both financially, and capacity wise.

With that letter and real ARAMCO Numbers we will accommodate him but we are so busy now, we need that letter as a leverage factor over those who don't or can't produce such a document.

Simply put, it makes our job much easier. But we can't move on an LOI until we get the NCND.

All I can promise is: With the next large allocation your Buyer will, if he has met the initial qualification requirements above, be given a strong consideration.

That's about it.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Green