Sell Sell  Thermal BOPP  film

Sell  Thermal BOPP  film You May Also Be Interested In: non solvent thermal film
1) Non-solvent adhesive
2) Superior finish and gloss
3) Environmentally-friendly
4) Convenient
5) Sanitary

Thermal film BOPP gloss
Thickness:24mic=12mic(bopp gloss) +12mic(EVA)
25mic=12mic(bopp gloss) +13mic(EVA)
27mic=15mic(bopp gloss) +12mic(EVA)
27mic=12mic(bopp gloss) +15mic(EVA)
27mic=15mic(bopp MATT) +12mic(EVA)
28mic=15mic(bopp MATT) +13mic(EVA)
30mic=15mic(bopp MATT) +15mic(EVA)
Length: 2000m or 3000m
Packing: carton box per roll