Sell Sell 24"-40" drywall stilts

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As a substitution for the conventional scaffolding and long ladder, the Stilts is applied in work high above the ground in indoor & outdoor decoration as well as installation and opening repairs, including suspended ceiling construction, ceiling circuit arrangement, fruit plucking, branches trimming and insects eliminating, etc. Stepping on the Stilts, the operator can walk, stand and work freely at ease indoor or outdoor while no assistant personnel and other facilities are needed, the work efficiency, consequently, is remarkably enhanced. The newly-developed Stilts is designated to imitate the movement features of the lower part of human body in line with the principle of human body bionics, which enables you feel like walking at ease with your own feet on the ground without any inconvenience at all, and offers a higher and broader space within your reach. It's easy usage, convenient operation, innovative design and nice appearance.

Item Adjustable Height Load Limit
2440 stilts 24"-40" 225 LBS
1830 stilts 18"-30" 225 LBS
1523 stilts 15"-23" 225 LBS