Sell Sell AVR (SVC series )

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SVC (TND) Series single-phase high accuracy full automatic AC voltage stabilizers one series four main products, are such constructed they are composed of the contact type self-coupling voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit, etc, When the voltage of the network is not steady or the load varies, the automatic sampling control circuit makes a signal to drive the servomotor to adjust the position of the carbon brush of the self-coupling voltage regulator so as to have the output voltage regulated to the rating and to obtain the steady state.

Single-phase input voltage Single phase150V-250V Ambient temperature from -100 to +400
Single-phase output voltage Single phase220Vor110V Relative Humidity <95%
Stabilization Accuracy 220V13%or110V16% Temperature rise Lower than600
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz Wave form distortion No Additional Waveform Distortion
Debug time <1s(With the input voltage variation of 10%) Overload Power Factor 0.8
Efficiency >90% Dielectric strength 1500V/min
Voltage Over voltage 246V14V Insulation re is stance >2M(Ohms)