Sell Sell Ammonium Fluoride

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I. Properties;
1. Formula: NH4F
2. Molecular weight: 37.04
3. Appearance: colorless leaf or needle crystal
4. Solubility: soluble in water, alcohol; insoluble in acetone, liquid ammonia
5. Specific weight: (at 250) 1.009
II. Application
The product is used as the etching agent for glass, the polish for metal, the antiseptic for timber, the disinfector for wine, the spot agent for analysis, the mordant for fiber, and for extraction of rare elements.
III. Envelopment & points for attention
Each bag is 25kg in net weight, enveloped in a wove bag put plastic underneath.
The product is a inorganic dangerous product, the series number of the dangerous products is 83015. It should be sealed hermetically, handled gently, kept in a cool, dry storehouse and from moisture, sunlight.