Sell Sell Ammonium Hypophosphite

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I. Properties
1. Formula: NH4H2PO2
2. Molecular weight: 80.03
3. Appearance: White crystal
4. Specific weight: 1.634
5. Properties: Ammonium Hypophosphite is usually used as a reducing agent for metal,
such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, nickel. It is easily to absorb water and oxidation in the air.
II. Application
It is used in electroless plating , as a preservative and anti-oxidant agent to substitute nitrite in fresh-making, as a raw material in electrolyte , It id also used in medicine and chemical reagent.
III. Envelopment & points for attention
The envelopment product is 1kg, 5kg or 25kg in net weight, Enveloped in the carton or plastic inside with knit bag outside.