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We offering you USA BD-0100 BIODIESEL ASTM D 6751 (B100)

Biodiesel is defined as the mono alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids derived from vegetable oils or animal fats, for use in
compression-ignition (diesel) engines. This specification is for pure (100%) biodiesel prior to use or blending with diesel fuel.
Specification are follows:
Flash Point D93 130.0 min. Degrees C
Water & Sediment D2709 0.050 max. % vol.
Kinematic Viscosity, 40 C D445 1.9 - 6.0 mm2/sec.
Sulfated Ash D874 0.020 max. % mass
Total Sulfur D5453 15 max. ppm
Copper Strip Corrosion D130 No. 3 max. --
Cetane D613 47 min. --
Cloud point D2500 Report to Customer Degrees C
Carbon Residue 100% sample D4530** 0.050 max. % mass
Acid Number D664 0.50 max. mg KOH/gm
Free Glycerin D6584 0.020 max. % mass
Total Glycerin D6584 0.240 max. % mass
Phosphorous Content D4951 0.001 max. % mass
Distillation temperature, Atmospheric
equivalent Temperature, 90% recovere D1160 360 max. Degrees C
Calcium and Magnesium UOP 389 5ppm max. combined ppm
Oxadative Stability, 110: D2274 3 min. hours
Sodium & Potassium Metals UOP391-91 5ppm max. combined ppm
* To meet special operating conditions, modifications of individual limiting requirements may be agreed upon between purchaser, seller and manufacturers.
** The carbon residue shall run on the 100% sample. A considerable amount of experience exists in the US with a 20% blend of biodiesel with 80% diesel fuel (B20) . Although biodiesel (B100) can be used, blends of over 20% biodiesel with diesel fuel should be evaluated on a case by case basis until further experience is available.

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