Sell Sell Brazil Icumsa 45 White Refined Sugar

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12,500 Metric Tons - USD230.00 CIF ASWP
25,000 Metric Tons - USD225.00 CIF ASWP

Payment by Transferable DLC and min.


Full Corporate Offer for Supply of 1,200,000 MT of Refined Sugar INCUMSA 45


Polarization:99.8% Min.
Solubility:100% dry and free flowing
Moisture: 0.04% Max.
Ash:0.04% Max.
SO2: 20PPM
Color:crystal White
Radiation:Normal Certified without cesium or iodine.
Crop:2004 or 2005
Sediments: None

PACKING: 50 Kg bags with poly-lined jute bags or polypropylene bags.

QUANTITY: 25,000 MT X 48 shipments (25,000 MT or 1 shipment per week for 48 weeks)

DELIVERY: 25,000 MT X 48 shipments at 1 shipment per week for total delivery within 12 months  delivery for loading of first shipment 30-45 days after receipt of documentary letter of credit .

PERFORMANCE BOND: 2 % (Two percent) P-bond to be issued for each operative LC.

PAYMENT TERMS: Documentary Credit - Irrevocable, Transferable issued (confirmed if necessary) by top international banks payable 100% at sight of documents.

INSPECTION: Quality and Quantity weight by SGS or equivalent at Sellers cost at the port of loading.


a. LOI and BLC
b. Buyers Bank issue the BCL bank to bank ( we will provide the BCL format)
c. Sellers Bank issue to the Buyers Bank the Proof of Product
e. Buyer execute the contract by signing and applying their corporate seal and return to the Seller.
f. Buyer and Seller lodge the contract that they have signed with their respective banks.
g . Buyers Bank issue Sellers Bank the non-operative DLC for the 1st shipment, a second identical DLC for the 2nd shipment, a third identical DLC for the 3rd shipment and a fourth identical DLC for the 4th shipment, each DLC to be one week apart from the other.
h. Within 48 hours from the issuance of each DLC, Sellers bank shall issue a Performance Bond (P- bond) to the Buyers bank for the buyers account. Each P- bond is of 2% of DLC value and would activate the DLC)
i. Shipment will commence within 30 to 45 days from the date of the operative L/C