Sell Sell CPE140B Elastic Body of Chlorinated Polyethylene

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CPE140B Elastic body of chlorinated polyethylene
1. Product Features:
This product is a kink of irregular structure thermoelastomer without any crystals. It has excellent comprehensive physical properties such as high tensile strength, fine tear-resistance, fine fire-resistance, fine oil-resistance etc. It can be blended with CR, NBR in any ridio.
2. Main Application:
This product can be used as synthetic rubber, as wel as modifying agent of synthetic rubber
CPE140B+CR+cross-linking agent+other additive.
Manufature kinds of wire sleeve:converyer belt, antomoile rubber pipe and V-belt.
CPE140B+NBR cross-linking agent+other additive
Manufature kind of oil-resistance wire sleeve, rubber pipe, rubber plate, sealing parts.