Sell Sell Calcium Carbide and Dicyandiamide

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Our main products are as follows:
1. Calcium carbide;
Use : It is a basic material organic synthesis industry; acetylene obtained from Calcium carbide is the raw material to make ethylene, chloroprene rubber, Calcium carbide, acetic acid, acetaldehyde, trichloroethylene, etc.
Also used as desulfurization agent in steel industry and for metal cutting and welding.

2. Dicyandiamide (Cyanoguanidine) ;
Use: (1) Important medical materials:For the make of guanidine Salt, sulphadiazine, barbital acid and moroxydine etc.

(2) Important materials in organic chemical production:for the make of cyanuramide, formol resin, binder, epoxy resin in the plastic industry. for the make of sulfocarbamide, guanidine-urea, cellulose nitrate etc.

(3) Colorant in printing and dyeing:for make of fixing, dyeing aided agent and stabilizer.

(4) High quality and high efficiency nitrogenous fertilizer and nitrogenous fertilizer stabilizer:Dicyandiamide is one of the high quality and high efficiency nitrogenous fertilizer. When added it into the production of amine bicarbonate, a combined crystal is formed, a long last amine bicarbonate, which is an important material to make pesticide.

(5) Other applications:Dicyandiamide is an accelerant on rubber. It can also be used in making of steel surface hardening agent, synthetic detergent, de-stickiness agent of bounding, anti-burning agent for fiber&wood.

3. Thiourea;
4. Desulfurization Agent.