Sell Sell Car 2 Way Alarm System

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1. Door Lock/arm
2. Door unlock/disarm
3. Auto arm or with lock upon closing Last door
4. Window auto roll up ( optional )
5. Remote Engine start/off
6. For manual transmission gear car
7. Remote control run time with status check
8. Audible or Vibration alert mode selectable
9. Arm mode with engine running
10. Turbo engine timer
11. Immobilize mode upon ignition OFF
12. Remote temperature start ON/OFF
13. Daily auto-start time ON/OFF
14. Remote temperature/Status check
15. Active channel #1 for release trunk ( optional )
16. Remote siren/horn alert ON/OFF
17. Active channel #2 18. Active channel #3
19. Car locator/search
20. Shock sensor bypass
21. Alarm mode & warn away
22. Remote Panic
23. Switch-controlled anti-carjack ON/OFF
24. Remote or switch-controlled anti-carjack
25. Remote Valet ON/OFF
26. Page-out call
27. Programmable function by over-ride switch
28. Manual ARM and DISARM
29. How to learn codes of the remote transmitter
30. Hopping code transition
31. PIN switch test for L. E. D
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