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Cenosphere / Zeeosphere are nonmetallic hollow ceramic spherical shape of ceramic spheres in the range from 0.01um to 400um. They are light gray or off-white, light, inert and nonmetallic. With N2 or CO2 inside and over 95%spheres, the hollow ceramic spheres have excellent fluidity as well as sound electric and heat insulation. Hence it is called The Space Era Material. The hollow micro-spheres can be further divided into two kinds : Thin wall hollow Ceramic Micro-sphere (Censphere) and thick wall hollow ceramic Micro-sphere (Zeeosphere) .

Characteristics of Cenosphere / Zeeosphere:

1 IMPROVED RHEOLOGY : Cenosphere / Zeeosphere are nonmetallic hollow ceramic spherical shape of ceramic spheres in the range from 0.01um to 400um. With the spherical shape of cenospheres / Zeeosphere, rheology will improve greatly for most applications.

2 LOW DENSITY : when density counts, cenospheres can be the answer with a density ranging from 0.50 to 0.80. compared to most ground minerals and other resins, cenospheres are 30%-85% lighter.

3 LOW RESIN DEMAND / HIGH LOADING POTENTIAL : Spheres have the lowest surface area to volume achievable. With their spherical shape, cenospheres / zeeospheres produce far less viscosity.

4 HIGH COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH : cenospheres / zeeospheres can greatly improve the weariness and antierosion operties of the end products.
5 LOW SHRINGAGE : cenospheres / zeeospheres are one of the few products in the filler industy today that can meet the requirements for low shrinkage. When used in high volume loadings, cenospheres can reduce shrinkage.

6 LOW THERMAL, ELECTRICAL AND SOUNDCONDUCTIVITY : cenospheres / zeeospheres are extremely resistant to heat and typically have a melting point in excess of 1300 degree. As cenospheres / zeeospheres are hollow they have a relatively low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Typically 0.09W/mk.

7 INERTNESS : cenospheres / zeeospheres can be utilized in solvents, organic chemicals, eater, acids or alkalis while maintaining their integrity.

8 THERMAL STABILITY : Because cenospheres are formed in thoilers, they are themally stable in temperatures exceeding 1,000 degree.

9 INSULTATION : Can be used in electronic filling and sealing materials, instrument boards, switches, etc.

10 COST EFFECTIVENESS : cenospheres / zeeospheres are 50%-200% less expensive than man-made hollow glass spheres, in comparison to less expensive fillers.
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