Sell Sell Comparation Microscope for Biological Lab Demonstrating Experiment, Medical Use

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A18.1806 --Comparation Microscope XZB-9

--Best Ergonomical Design, Easy to Operate
--0-30 degree Adjustable Oblique Binocular Head
--Camera & CCD in the Most Convenient Position
--Easily Adjustable Stage with 2-D Length Scale
--150 W Cold Light Fiber with Adjustable Collector.
This product is suitable to be used for forensic science (by comparison with the truck of bullet, shell case and tool trace and prints, etc. ) , It's also provided to these departments such as bank, tax, print, coinage, archaeology.

A18.1812--Biological Comparation Microscope
A18.1801--Comparation Microscope XZB-4C
A18.1802--Comparation Microscope XZB-5C
A18.1804--Comparation Microscope XZB-6
A18.1805--Comparation Microscope XZB-8A
A18.1808--Arithmetic Figure Control Comparison Microscope
A18.1814--GSB-4 Multi-Function Comparator Please search more details on our web site.