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E-glass direct roving is made directly from a 2000 tip bushing or a 4000 tip bushing. Direct Rovings are primarily used in filament winding and pultrusion processes. Typical products are pultruded rod, pipe, tanks, woven roving and chemical resistant grating.

Direct Roving is made in one manufacturing step with a special reinforcement sizing. The glass fibers are bonded into a single strand. The tension of each glass fiber in the strand is uniform. They have low fuzz, quick wet out and excellent mechanical properties.

Direct Roving packages are wrapped in plastic bags. Roll diameter is 26 cm. Rolls are then packed in individual cardboard boxes or bulk packed. Each pallet of 110cmX110cm can pack either 48 or 64 rolls. The net weight of the 48-roll pallet is 816 kgs, and the net weight of the 64-roll pallet is 1088 kgs.
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