Sell Sell FIR Bathroom Heater

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Our heaters ensure you the comfort and health care just as taking a sauna. It will save your expenses on going out to have saunas and serve you at any time you need as well. Daily health care by using our heaters, you'll be guaranteed health in all your lifetime.

BNN FIR Bathroom Heater
◎ Ceiling mount used in bathrooms
◎ Combination of heat, fan, light.

Multifuctional but inexpensive
Physical therapy & health care; heating; sterilization, ventilating, lighting

No toxic materials with solely far infrared radiation
Dule overheating protection, high frequency ceramic socket

Titanium steel panel and all alloy shell

Operating power: 1660-1800W
Air delivery: 100m3h
G. W. : 6.4-6.5kg
Dimension: 430*295*435mm (carton)

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