Sell Sell Flash MPE Player(TD-328K)

Sell Flash MPE Player(TD-328K)
Product name: Flash MP3 Player With Seven Color Backlight
Model No. : TD-328K
Dimension: 80*30*30mm
1. Memory storage up to 2GB
2. Support MP3, WMA format
3. FM radio function
4. A-B Repeat, reading following, comparison function
5. High quality record function
6. Selectable 7 audio equilibrium: Natural, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft, Jazz, DBB
7. Support ID3 tag & lyrics display
8. Support 16 country languages
9. Can update the firmware and operation system
10. Seven color backlight
11. With USB 2.0 port, use as USB storage device
12. Accessories: earphone, gift box, drive disk, manual, USB cable
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