Sell Sell Fluoboric acid

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I. Properties:
1, Formule: HBF4
2, Molecular weight: 87.83
3, Apperance: colorless transparent liquid
4, Solubility: soluble in water , alcohol
5, Specific weight: (at 200)
49.5%solution 1.38-1.40
50.0%solution 1.43-1.46
II. Application
It is used as the metal surface oxidizing agent , the cleanring and corrosion agent for the sillicate film , the chemical reagent , the antisep tics, the catalyst for some reaction ; the corroding and acidifying agent for layer in oil fields, the raw material for fluoroborates.
III. Envelopment & points for attention
Each barrel is 6kg, 25kg or 200kg in net weight , enveloped in a polyethylene or iron barrel put a piece of polyethylene film underneath . The product is the second -class inorganic acid corrodent. The serial number of the dangeous products is 93010 . It should be kept in a cool , ventilate storehouse.