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Item no. . Ktm-1200

The flatter response of the ktm-1200 is a good match for large "boomy" guitars such as scalloped-braced dreadnoughts. Because of its excellent resistance to feedback, it is also a good choice for all guitars that are played at high amplified stage volumes. Ktm-1200 can also used with violin, zither and lute. Please use Ktm-1200 with the tuner and ensure that you can get a good tuner effect in a noise environment.
Packing number:100 pcs/carton
Dimensions & weight (outer packing ) :
700( w ) x 340( d ) x 350( h)
N. W:5 KG, g. W:7 KG
Color: Black.

Wuhan Wholenote Import & Export Trading Co. , LTD was established in 1995 as a professional electronic musical instruments manufacturer . we do have our own factory which the name is Wuhan Wholenote Electronic Co. , Ltd . Our products includes guitar & bass amplifiers , guitar & bass effects pedal , tuners, guitar & bass cable ; cable of effect pedal , headphone , adapter etc .