Sell Sell HDMI

1: High-Definition, transfers uncompressed and untransformed digital audio and video for the highest quality.
2. Output of all-digital video and audio information.
3. No any wastage when the video and audio data arrive in the TV.
4. Can save the HDTVs bandwidth.
5. Highest support 1080P.
6. Support double-signal 1080 bandwidth.
7. Can compatible with YUV, RGB.
8. Support (1600x1200) UXGA
9. 5Gps of highest speed.

1. Gild plug, HDMI/M/19P-HDMI/M/19P, Plug and Play.
2. Conductor: Copper, 28AWGX4P.
3. Use 125% aluminum foil shield on signal twist cable.
4. Use high-density tinning copper shield.
5. Support 720, 1080i, 1080P format.
6. Insulated impedance: 100MOHMS MIN
7. Osculated impedance: 10 n0HMS MAX
8. Humidity: 600~800
9. Detection Range: VW-1~FT-1
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