Sell Sell Hair-care

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Product Description
(1) Anti-dandruff & Moisturizing Hair Conditioner
Contains tea-leaf essence, aminophenol and vitamin etc, which promptly penetrate into the hairthen and make your hair more smooth and elegant. Protect the elastic fiber of hair.
200ml: (SPEC: 200ml*40pcs/ctn SIZE: 488*333*190)

(2) Ginseng Nourishing Hair Conditioner
Contains ginseng nourishing essence, which supplement hair with nutrition and moist ingredients. Protect your hair from tips to roots.
The hair will not oily and tied, and it is easy to comb. Leaves hair shining and strong.
200ml: (SPEC: 200ml*40pcs/ctn SIZE: 488*333*190)

(3) Soft & Smooth Hair Conditioner
The product is rich in natural moist ingredients, which repair the lipid and protein flowed away from the injured hair. It forms a protective layer on your hair to avoid the hurt of environment. That will make your hair continuously moisturized and soft.
And leaves longtime pleasant aroma.
450ml: (SPEC: 450ml*24pcs/ctn SIZE: 403*273*225)

(4) Nutritious Hair Conditioner
Contains nutritious essence, which deep get into the roots and care your hair.
Make your hair cast off forfication, obscuration, baldness and coarseness.
450ml: (SPEC: 450ml*24pcs/ctn SIZE: 403*273*225)

(5) Milk mild Hair Conditioner
Rich in natural hydra-factor, which can deep get into the hair. Improve forfication, obscuration, baldness and coarseness.
Milk formula supplement nutrition and moist, making your hair constantly soft and smooth.
500ml: (SPEC: 500ml*18pcs/ctn SIZE: 438*201*238)

(6) Ginseng Nourishing Hair Conditioner
Rich in ginseng essence, which can timely supplement the moisture and nutrition and form the protective moisture film on the hair surface.
Add NMF protective factor, which deeply nourish your hair. Prevent forfication, obscuration, baldness and coarseness. Leaves your hair soft, smooth and shining. . .
500ml: (SPEC: 500ml*18pcs/ctn SIZE: 438*201*238)

(7) Hair-shining Hair Conditioner
Rich in natural hydra-factor, which can deep get into the hair root. Solve hair problem of forfication, obscuration, baldness and coarseness.
500ml: (SPEC: 500ml*18pcs/ctn SIZE: 438*201*238)

(8) Soft & Nutritious Hair Conditioner 400ml
Contains camellia oil, plant albumen gene and many moist ingredients, which can deeply nourish and repai r hair.
Improve forfication and baldness evidently, making your hair healthy.
400ml: (SPEC: 400ml*18pcs/ctn SIZE: 283*238*224)

(9) styling gel( spec: 120ml*12pcs*5boxes/ctn size: 485*272*194)
Contains styling factor xt, which can have hair style for long time. It leaves your hair nature, not oily and lightsome.
Contains many kinds of vitamin and plant albumen ingredients, which moisten your hair roots and form a ventilativly and protective film. It has no hurt to your hair. Strengthen your hair and makes it shining.
120ml: ( spec: 120ml*12pcs*5boxes/ctn size: 485*272*194)
250ml: (spec: 250ml*16pcs*2boxes/ctn size: 496*226*235)

(10) man styling hair gel
Its formular is according to the man's hair character, containing styling ingredients. It has strong styling effects.
Rich in vitamin moist ingredients, which can avoid forfication and baldness.
It repair your hair from core, making your hair healthy and shining.
200ml: (spec: 200ml*40pcs/ctn size: 488*333*190)