Sell Sell High Speed Hydraulic Reviting Machine

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T92Y Series High-Speed Hydraulic Riveting Machine
The high-speed hydraulic riveting machine was designed by our company on the basis of bringing in the foreign advanced technology to meet the requitements of the automobile industry in early 1980. During more than 20 years, weve made excellent contribution to automobile industry of china. Our riveting machines have been innovated several times, with the dramatic development of automobile industry in China . This machine is generally used in car frame, side frame, core plate, side pillar edge beam , striker of rolling stock, flat car and tank car, avigation, tram car bottom head, farm track frame and so on. Because this machine used the hydraulic control and brake, the outpust pressure is large, so it can be carried out the cold-riveting. Comparing with the traditional pneumatic riveting , the hydraulic reviting has several advantages: the working condition is better, the noise is low, the operation is agitility, the labor intensity is low, the speed is high, and the production efficiency is high.

The product consists of pumping station, rivet clamp, sling , high pressure hose, balancer, tackle, slide rail, working oil cylinder, accessories and so on. The layout and installation is set up according to requirements of product line.

The central control part of high-speed hydraulic riveting machine is the hydraulic pump station, and its performance influences the normal production. The hydraulic pump station consists of oil tank, integration-control valve block-pressurization cylinder, oil pump motor group and electric appliance control. The main features are as following :

1. The pressurize cylinder and valve block are identical entity and the volume is very small, the oil line is very short, this can reduce the leakage and heat, and enchance the longevity.

2. The system used the mass flow carrtridge inserted valve, this component has several advantages as following: mass flow, better leak proffness, anti pollution, wearproof and so on.

3. The oil pump is adopted the Italian ATOS series valves, it is high pressure, less leakage, and low noise.

4. The control slide valve is adopted LISHILE series valves, changeover is stable and the noise is low.

5. Electruical control is controlled by PLC, it is stable and easy to modified.