Sell Sell Hydroxylated Sodium Sulphonated Asphalt

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Drilling Fluid additive, SEPITEX--the winning combination, a work of extensive research and development professionals, is a unique blend of Hydroxylated Sodium Sulphonated Asphalt. It can effectively be used to stabilize shale formation and reduces torque and drag, improves lubricity and lower HTHP filter loss both in Oil base drilling fluid system and Water based drilling fluid.


A. Sepitex reacts with shale hence stops sloughing and swelling (5-17 KG / M3)
B. Sepitex increases lubricity- (2-9 KG / M3)
C. Sepitex minimizes damages to the productive formations
D. Sepitex control oil and water solubility.
E. Sepitex control HPHT filter loss (6-18 KG / M3)
F. Sepitex is equally effective in water based mud, all oil based muds and other synthetic mud systems.
G. Sepitex does not need any emulsifier for the proper mixing (2-8 KG. M3)
H. Sepitex inhibits dispersion of drilled solids.
I. Sepitex does not leave any sheen or rainbow on water on offshore location.

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