Sell Sell IQF lingonberry

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Now we hold 3-4 containers of IQF lingonberries, China Origin, packed in 12. 5 kg cartons. They are excellent in both price and quality.

If you find interesting, pls let us know soon so that we can quote you our best offers.

Besides, for your reference, the following are the products we are dealing with yearly:

1. Canned fruits and vegetables: green peas /sweet corn kernels / Bartlett pear/ pear/apricot / pineapple / baked beans in tomato sauce/ red kidney beans in brine / horse beans in brine/ yellow peas in tomato peas.
2. Frozen fruits: raspberry /blueberry /blackberry /lingonberry /black currant /gooseberry / strawberry / peach
3. Frozen vegetables: sweet corn kernel / green peas / sweet corn on the cob / green beans / broccoli/ cauliflower/ mixed vegetables/ onion/ garlic / mushrooms/ agaric .
4. Juice concentrates: mandarin / orange / apple/pineapple /pear /mango /raspberry /blackberry /blueberry /lingonberry /pomegranate /black currant /peach /grape (red) /greengage/ carrot.
5 Puree concentrate: apricot/ peach (yellow and white)