Sell Sell Indian Minerals - Apophyllite

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Our every specimen is an aesthetic wonder.


1) Excellent quality undamaged specimens at low prices.

2) Minerals - apophylites, stilbites, cavansites, natrolites, calcites, scolecites, mesolites, heulandites, okenites, prehenites, gyrolites, himalayan quartz, points/tips.

3) Specimens come directly from the mines and the quarries.

4)4) All sizes available - cabinet, museum, thumbnail, points.

We are supplying excellent quality undamaged specimens at competitive prices. We are supplying Green Apophylites, White Apophylites, Stilbites, Cavansites, Natrolites, Calcites, Scolecites, Mesolites, Heulandites, Okenites, Prehenites, Gyrolites, Himalayan Quartz, and White Apophylites points/tips.
Our specimens come directly from the mines and the quarries, which currently covers the area, which is approximately 470,000 square kilometer.
We supply both educational quality and the museum quality specimens. The specimens are available in various sizes ranging from very small to large sizes.
Surely the collection cannot be defined in words. We can only invite you to surrender to the experience.