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KIR SN-P Floating Vest is intended for equipping the personnel of port patrols, coastguard, custom-house officers and army personnel serving on watercraft and near water bodies. The Armored vest is designed as a life jacket and has positive floatability.
The Armored vest fabric module (the so called "soft armor") is manufactured out of aramid ballistic fabrics with moisture protective impregnation and provides protection from fragmentation as well as from pistol and revolver bullets, also decreasingthe the risk of cold arms injuries.
The strengthening ballistic plates of steel or high-module polyethylene (dyneema) are installed in a special pocket on the the armored vest outer casing in the projection of breast in order to raise the product protection level; the steel ballistic plate is furnished with an anti-ricochet fabric pouch.
The design of damping elements provides sub-vest space ventilation, which permits using the vest in torrid climatic conditions.
Compliance standard: NIJ 0101.04 III A; Protection area and weight according to sizes:
"L"=29dm2, 3.8kg; "XL"=32dm2, 4.3kg; "XXL"=34dm2, 4.7kg.
Protection level can be increased to III.
AKM; AK47; SVD (SNIPER GUN) 7.62mm V=847m/s.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
4000 Units Per Month
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1000 Units
Terms of Payment
L/C; T/T
Warranty Coverage
12 Months