Sell Sell Kaolin with good quality and price

Sell Kaolin with good quality and price You May Also Be Interested In: kaolin
Super fine size, good plasticity, high fluidity, mainly supplied to top grade fine ceramics & painting industries. The specification is as follows:
SIO2: 46% max. AL2O3: 37% FE2O3: 0.35% max. Na2O: 0.3% max. K2O: 2% max. CaO: 0.05% max. TiO2: 0.05% max. MgO: 0.35% max. MnO: 0.02% max. Natural Whiteness: 80 min. Fired whiteness: 90 Loss of ignition: 12.5 PH: 5.5~6.5 2um: About 82% Moisture: 15% max.

*We have other types, pls kind contact us for the details.
*Packing: 25KGS /50KGS /1000KGS net in plastic woven bags, or customers option.
*Process covering products according to customers requirements.

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