Sell Sell Lyophilized Royal Jelly

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Lyophilized royal jelly powder is freeze-drying the fresh royal jelly and make it powdering. Freeze-drying Royal Jelly cost more to manufacture but it is also the best way because no food preservatives have to be added . Freeze drying the Royal Jelly removes all the moisture content and contrary to what some Royal Jelly providers say, no nutritional value is lost in this process.
It is widely available in powder , tablet form or capsules. It can be stored more easily than fresh royal jelly.
The main actions of freeze-drying Royal Jelly are same as fresh royal jelly. For example:
1: promote metabolism, and strengthen organic functions.
2: lower cholesterol, stimulate myocardium, and accelerate blood circulation.
3: regulate enzymatic secretions of endocrine glands, and ease internal digestion.
4: speed up the works of fat, protein, saccharide metabolism and internal absorption.
We also have Royal Jelly Powder Tablet and Royal Jelly Powder Capsule besides Royal Jelly Powder.