Sell Sell M3 series digital speed regulator for DC motors

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M3 series digital speed regulator for DC motors adopts digital design, reverse parallel structure of 3-phase thyristor, logic no circumfluence double close-loop control mode. Sorted to reversible speed regulator (M3R) and irreversible speed regulator (M3D) . It is suitable for most reversible and irreversible drive for DC motors.

Technical parameters:
1. (1) Armature power supply: 3#AC200~480V,45~65Hz
(2) Excitation power supply: AC100~480V,45~65Hz
(3) Control power supply: AC220V115%, 45~65Hz
2. (1) Armature: 18 levels from DC25 to 3000A
(2) Excitation: DC10, 20, 30, 50, 80A
3. Control mode: Constant motor speed, constant armature voltage, constant motor torque
4. (1) Analog value: 4 channels input, 2 channels output
(2) Digital value: 8 channels input, 7 channels output
5. Protecting function: Protection against overload, over current, overheat, etc

Function characteristics:
6. Advanced SCM as control core
7. Encoder, tachogenerator, armature voltage feedback modes may be selected
8. Keyboard parameter setup, LCD Chinese display
9. Independent excitation adjusting, with the function of field-weakening excitation control
10. Standard communication interface, ModBus communication protocol, ProfiBus Bus Bridge (options)
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