Sell Sell MP4 Player

Sell MP4 Player
Product Name: MP4 PlayerPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:
1) Multi-CODEC player, support MP3, AMV, WMA, WMV, and MTV music formats
2) 1.5" OLED color screen, 65k colors
3) Support the lyric display with music, A-B replay function, voice-recording / replay.
The sound can be recorded with Microphone and saved as WAV and ACT file.
Segment-replay or compare-replay can be chosen. It has real numeral repeating
4) Support 14 languages: Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, English, Japanese,
modes: normal, rock, pop, classic, soft, jazz, bass
12) Screen: 1.5"
13) Dimensions: 89.80 x 40.7 German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish
5) Build-in FM dimensional-sound radio. You may easily listen to FM stations by using
auto search or manual search. The player can save 40 (20 for each band) local
stations variably models common models, loop models
6) "Keep your secret!" The Flash memory can be divided into two parts by using the
accessory tools and one is encrypted to hide the contents saved inaccessible by
7) Build-in auto-backlight display, also can accommodate manually. The backlight
is soft and comfortable. You can use easily in any back colors
8) Close timely. You may set sleep time or off time mode in your own convenience
9) Intuitionistic act menu. Work in the show of relevant writing
10) Hi-speed USB2.0
11) 7 EQ 0 x 7.65mm