Sell Sell Magnesium Carbonate

Sell Magnesium Carbonate You May Also Be Interested In: magnesium carbonate magnesium salt
Since 1986, we have produced Zinc
oxide, MgO and MgCo3 for over 20
years and become one of the
largest manufacturer of China in
this field.


supper grade/ first grade/up to

1) MgO%: 41-45 /41-45/38
2) CaO%: 0.43/0.7/1
3) moisture%<= 2/3/4
4) Fe %: <=0.2
5) Chloride(Cl) : %>= 0.1/0.15/0.3
6) Screening residues(through
mesh) %<= 0.025/0.03/0.05
7) Insoluble in HCl%: <=
8) Soluble Chloride(Cl) : = ----
9) Heavy metal<= ---
10) Na% : ---
10) Kalium%: ---
11) Surface density %<=

Usage: It use as the reinforcer
and stuffing in the rubber
industry. It can use to make
adiabatic, fireproofing and heat
preservation products, using in
high class glasses, porcelain
enamel and ceramic to make the
surface brightness. It also uses
to product Magnesium Salt, paint,
pigment, daily use cosmetic
shipbuilding and boiler

Packed in woven bags with liner

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kinds of goods base on your
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