Sell Sell Methylene Chloride

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Technical data Values Testing methods
Aspect Clear liquid Visual
Chroma (Pt-Co) 10 APHA
Relative density at 20º C D4201.326Kg/L Proportion
Methylene chloride content, %, Min 99.9 Chromatogram
Water content, %, Max 0.01 Kart Fisher
Acidity (HCI) , %, 10-6, Max 4 Titration
Evaporation residue, 10-6, Max 5 Weight
Free chlorine content Missing

Origin: China

DESCRIPTION: Colorless liquid, with characteristic odor. Relative density D4201.326, Melting point -96. 7centigrade, Boiling point: 40.4centigrade, If it is mixed with high concentrated Oxygen, the explosive mixture is formed, but it s not inflammable.

USES: Dichloromethane has strong solubility and no toxicity, etc advantages. It is wide used for manufacturing safety film and orthocarbonate and can also be used for solvent of paint, cleaner for metal, gas-fog spray agents, polyurethane foaming agent, mold-release agent, paint remover. Dichloromethane is also used in the manufacture of photographic film and has been used to remove caffeine from coffee.

Packing in drum: Net weight: 250kg/Iron drum
Gross weight: 269kg or 271kg

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