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Monolithic refractories
1. Refractory Mortar series
a. Special-type refractory mortar products
b. Phosphate bonded refractory mortar
c. Fireclay refractory mortar
d. High aluminum mortar
2. Refractory castables
a. Abrasion resistant castables
b. High performance castables
c. Steel fiber reinforced castables
d. High stregth and light weight castables
e. Alkali resistant castables
f. Self-flow castables
g. Ladle castables
3. Fireclay and high aluminum refractory plastics
4. Gunning mix for EAF
5. Covering Powder for ladle or iron ladle
6. Gunning mix for converter and dry ramming mix for EAF
7. Monolithic refractories for Tundish
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