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E-TIME Stone Paint
The Stone paint means from its name that it is a kind of paint, it looks like the stone. With a simple spraying tool, blowing and attach on the surface of the building, to let it possess the appearance of the granite, furthermore, make the building gain the natural, steady grand surface as well as the original appearance of the granite. It is absolutely adopted the natural stone powder and with senior water solvent materials integrated, spraying onto the surface of the objects, to recover the stone appearance. Therefore, it is not restricted by the dimensions of the object. Meanwhile, there is a great deal of colors for selection in accordance with your requirement. It is very rapid and convenient to construct.

1. The natural granite has an extraordinary and imposing appearance, and can be replaced to spray different patterns and with different colors.
2. Overall spraying makes it has no seam and it is completely waterproof and prevent acid rain from eroding, and it is easy to wash as well as pollution-proof. .
3. Low cost for the material, wages, economy and not long time required.
4. No any restriction for designing patterns, colors, the dimension, decoration and other arts application project.
5. The quick spray makes the construction safe and simple.
6. The material is fade-proof, aging-resistant, fireproof, heatproof, weather-resistant. All these prolong the buildings life. It doesnt contain the pigment, so it is excellent of color retention.

1) Quality management system certification GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001.
2) Own the ISO14025 Certification.
3) Recommended by China Engineering Construction Standardization Association.
4) Tested by China Quality Inspection Association.
5) Passed the SGS test.
6) Appraised by state expert and award the technological certification.

1, Decoration on interior and exterior wall of house and hotel.
2, Interior and exterior wall of shop, office and factory building.
3, Decoration on school, gymnasium, hall.

E-TIME Stone Paint: 25kg/can (columnar metal barrel)
Moisture-proof Base Coat: 1kg/can (columnar metal can)
Waterproof & Weather-resistant Top Coat: 2kg/can (cubical metal can)

The stone-breaking lacquer adopted the natural stone fragments and senior water solvents to integrate for the structure. Sometimes the stone materials original color has little difference because of the natural elements. Therefore, once the products appear the difference from graphic color, it absolutely belongs to the normal circumstances.
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