Sell Sell PPTC Thermistor (resettable fuses)

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1) Models of KT60-B series: KT60-0035B, KT60-0100B, KT60-0170B, KT60-0200B, KT60-0250B, KT60-0300B, KT60-0400B, KT60-0500B, KT60-0650B, KT60-0750B, KT60-0900B, KT60-1100B, KT60-1350B, KT60-1600B, KT60-1850B, KT60-2500B, KT60-3000B, KT60-3750B
2) Part numbering system (KT60-0650B) :
a) KT: Keter products design
b) 60: max. interrupt voltage - 60V
c) 0650: hold current - 0.65A
d) B: radial leaded and cured epoxy sealed component

In case the circuit of computer peripherals and automotive motors is connected
with a Keter PPTC thermistor (such as KT60-B series) , it will provide a timely
protection from over-current.
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UL, TUV, CQC, ISO9000&3A9001
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14 days
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1000 pcs
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