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1 General
This portable photoelectric card counter can help you to count out the exact quantity of plastic cards. It adopts advanced digital circuit of lower power consumption and the photoelectric technical theory to produce. It has been engineered with multifunction and convenience for user. It can be used to count most types of material cards accurately which should be thicker than 0.4mm.

2 Characteristics
2.1 Keys
Humanity key design, two scan keys, two accumulation keys. The intelligent keys on the left and right side.
Convenient for left or right hand using.

2.2 Screen display
LCD display
Battery capacity indication, charge indication
Low power alarm indication
Chinese and English operation interface switch
Different indication direction if press different left or right key

2.3 Battery
Use high capacity li-ion battery
Use lower power consumption charge management chip, charge electric current limit is 320mA
Provide universal charger to charge; Customer also can choose PC USB connection interface to charge
Stand-by time: about 180 hours
Working time: about 16 hours
Charge voltage: 5V
Battery charger included; suitable for 100-230 V AC , 50/60Hz

2.4 Power switch on and off
Power on by pressing any key
Power auto off after operation for 30 seconds

2.5 Count Mode
Two kinds of count mode: Accumulation count and single time count

2.6 Accumulation
Automatic accumulation: After counting, this count quantity will immediately add up to count accumulative total
Manual accumulation: If you want to get the accumulative quantity, after counting, you can press the accumulation key

2.7Counting Card Category
Card material: ABS / PVC / PET and other non-transparent plastics, Paper

Card thickness: PVC (0.38mm-1.2mm) , ABS(0.5mm-1.2mm) , Paper (0.4mm-1.2mm)

Card types: white, printed, embossed, indented, with black intermediate layer

3 Technique Parameters
Battery: Li-ion 3.6V/800mAh
Power Consumption: Awaiting Status: <=1mA
Working Status: <=35mA

3.2 Working Environment:
Working Temperature: 10-40

3.3 Single Time Counting Quantity: 1-2000pcs
3.4 Maxim Accumulation: 999999pcs
3.5 Dimensions: 150mm /67mm /33mm
3.6 Weight: 150g
3.7 Guarantee: 1 Year

4 Using Tips
4.1 Better counting result unless under strong light
4.2 Better counting result if cards have a little pitch in the card box
4.3 Slightly quick scanning speed and smooth action are better
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