Sell Sell Polydextrose

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We produce high quality SOLUBLE DIETARY FIBRE--POLYDEXTROSE under requirements of FCC V (2003) .

Appearance: White
Assay as polydextrose (ash-free and dried bases) : 94.0%
1,6-Anhydro-D-glucose: 2.30%
Glucose and Sorbitol: 4.23 %
5-HydroxymethylPurfural and Related compounds: 0.002%
10% Water Solution PH: 6.3
Moisture %: 0.068
Nickel (mg/kg) : Pass Test
Lead (mg/kg) : 0.01
M. W. Limit: Pass Test
Residue on Ignition: 0.01%
Yeast and Mold (cfg) : Pass Test
E. coli: Pass Test
Salmonella: Pass Test
Staph. Aureus: Pass Test
Packaging and Storage : 25KG/Bag (PE bag inner) , keep dry, and store at ambient temperatures.

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