Sell Sell Portland Cement - OPC 32.5 / 42.5 / 42.5 R/N

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Portland Cement

We are pleased to supply Portland Cement from the reliable and strong manufacturers of Russia, Ukraine and Turkey

Specifications: OPC 32.5/42.5/42.5 R/N

Chemical Composition

Silicon dioxide (sio2) 21.00
Aluminium oxide (a12o3) 5.50
Ferric oxide (fe2o3) 3.30
Calcium oxide (cao) 65.60
Magnesium oxide (mgo) 1.40
Sulphur trioxide (so3) 2.70
Loss of ignition (loi) 1.40
Tricalcium silicate (c3s) 60.00
Dicalcium silicate (c2s) 15.00
Tricalcium aluminate (c3a) 8.05
Tricalcium alumino ferrice (c4af) 9.76

Physical and mechanical properties

Blain cm2/gr 3.250
Autoclave expantion 0.02
Initial setting time (vicat) 105minutes
Final setting time (vicat) 135 minutes
Compressive strength each per 03 days 230 KG/cm2
each per 07 days 305 KG/cm2
each per 28 days 420 KG/cm2

Portland Cement 42,5 produced according to BS EN197-1:2000 CEM 1 Class 42.5 R, European Standard EN197-1/2000 and British Standard BS12/96.

Destination port: ASWP

Packing: In export bags of 50 kgs waterproof and on pallets of 1 ton.

Delivery: 30 days after receipt of the buyer's L/C

Inspection: Quality, quantity, weight, & analysis report by SGS at seller's cost at port of loading.

Minimum shipment: 12,500 MT

We need to get complete details on volumes, exact destination, packing, origin, PB rate, payment terms and target price (please state your expect commission if any) for quotes.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 - 45 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
150,000 Mt
Terms of Sale