Sell Sell Portland Cement OPC 42.5 grade N & R

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We are direct with ordnery portland cement supplier, minimum quantiy is 50,000 mt x 12
Only for END BUYER or Mandat
PORTLAND CEMENT OPC 42.5 (Origin: Russia, Ukraine, CIS, India - Sellers Choice) :
For proceed loi, icpo with bank softprobe or bcl
Payment terms are transferable lc
Cif aswp
Quantity FFRDLC-- BG or SBLC
50,000 x 12 months (600k) 50 -- 48
100,000 x 12 months (1.2m) 49 -- 47
200,000 x 12 months (2.4m) 48 - - 46
300,000 x 12 months (3.6m) 47 - - 45
500,000 x 12 months (6.0m) 46 - -44
1,000,000 x 12 months (12.0m) 45 - - 43

For sabs cement south africa ports we qoute 5 usd higer!!!!
For payment by non-TRANSFERABLE l/c please add us$ 7.00 to the above prices.

over prices has to split with seller in the ratio of 1:1 and our commission is from buyer side.

Grey portland cement for construction grade 42.5
According to british standards 12/1996 or astm c-15
Chemical composition silicon dioxide (sio2) 21.00 aluminium oxide (a12o3) 5.30 ferric oxide (fe2o3) 3.30 calcium oxide (cao) 65.60 magnesium oxide (mgo) 1.10 sulphur trioxide (so3) 2.70 loss of ignition (loi) 0.90 tricalcium silicate (c3s) 60.00 dicalcium silicate (c2s) 15.00 tricalcium aluminate (c3a) 8.05 tricalcium alumino ferrice (c4af) 9.76 physical and mechanical properties blain cm2/gr 3.250 autoclave expantion 0.02 initial setting time (vicat) 105 minutes final setting time (vicat) 135 minutes compressive strength 03 days 230 kg/cm2 and 07 days 305 kg/cm2 and 28 days 420 kg/cm2

Important notes:
- we never provide our past documents to prove our reliability. No past b/l, sgss report, allocation letter or fixed note. Do not waste your time and our time dealing with buyers(? ) only interested in finding out the manufacturers name. Also we send no samples in the land.
- seller will issue pop to the buyers bank by swift mt799 after non-operative l/c. That should be enough for any real buyer.
- buyer may visit loading port on one coast. No factory visits at all.
- if your buyer insists on visiting the factory, please note that it is possible with another seller but prices will be significantly higher with that seller