Sell Sell Refractories For Hot Blast Stove

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As one of the most important accessory equipments of blast furnace, HBS is a sort of regenerative heat exchanger to heat the air form room temperature to higher tempature for BF. In the last years, the operation condition of HBS has become much more challenging due to the increase of the volume of BF as well as development of high blast temperature technology, resulting in damage of refractories for HBS. To meet the requirement of the high blast temperature technology, our factory has been dedicating to the research on refractories for HBS since 1980s. The refractories for HBS are now seving as our most competitive products. Our company manufactures and supplies 3 major series in 20 varieties of products and accessory products like ceramic burners featured as low creep, high refractoriness under load, high thermal stability and high thermal strength and low impurity included, which have been used for over160 HBS in 96 enterprises such as 4350m3 HBS of Bao steel, 3200m3 Wuhan I&S Co. ,4350m3 HBS of Taiyuan I&S Co. ,3200 Anshan I&S Co etc. With annuak caoacity of more than 200 thousand MT, we provide the products as the most ideal materials for proved by practices, for example, a set of low creep bricks and ceramic burners were put into operation in January 1990, which are now still running normally, and are estimated by experts to continue serving for a considerable long period.
1. Low Creep Bricks for HBS
2. Low Creep and Thermal Shock Resistant High Alumina Bricks Series for HBS
3. Low Impurity Andalusite Bricks Series for HBS
4. High Thermal Shock Resistant fireclay Bricks for HBS
5. Refractory Ball for HBS
6. Fireclay Bricks for HBS
7. High Alumina for HBS
8. Ceramic Burners Product Series