Sell Sell Rice, Straw&Hay Baler

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Baler 300S Specifications:
1) Bale size:
a) Cross section: 36W46cm
b) Length: 0.30-1.30cm

2) Pickup:
a) Width of opening: 1.75m
b) Inside width: 1.56m
c) Raking width: 1.41m
d) Number of bars: 4
e) Total number of teeth: 96

3) Auger:
a) Length: 1.3m
b) Diameter: 0.4m

4) Flywheel:
a) Diameter: 69cm
b) Weight: 135Kg

5) Dimensions:
a) Feed opening area: 1914 cm2
b) Length, transport position: 4.78m
c) Height: 1.7m
d) Width: 2.59m
e) Weight: 1254 Kg

6) Twin box capacity:
Treys (standard) :
a) R. H. Side : 5.90W13
b) L. H . Side :7.50W16

7) Plunger head
a) Strokes/min: 80
b) Stroke length: 76cm

8) Horsepower:
Required at PTO: 41hp (30kw)
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