Sell Sell SLCO as low as $6/$4 per bbls up to 70Mil bbls/m

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We can supply the Saudi Light Crude Oil product to Buyers or Buyer Mandates.

Origin: Saudi Arabia.
Quantity: up to 70Mil bbls/m x 12ms and up to 60ms.
Price: as low as Platt's $6.00/$4.00 per barrel
Commission: 50/50 split
Delivery: FOB, ASWP.

We can provide large quantities of SLCO product directly to the serious Buyers or Buyer mandate at the best price in the market. We can ship the product at minimum quantity of 200,000 bbls per month and we can extend contract up to 60 months. We will deliver the products to your destination per your requests. Please send your Buyer's LOI/ICPO and BCL or soft probe. We will send our Seller draft contract to you within 48-72hrs.
If you are interested about our product, please contact us.
Supply Capacity
70,000,000 barrels per month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30-45 days
Minimum Order Quantity
200,000 barrels
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale