Sell Sell Silica Gel Cat Litter

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Best performance with strongest adsorptive capacity and fast absorption velocity; can absorb pets' dejections, urines and peculiar smell resulted from those within several seconds;

Great odor control and bacteria restraint.

Longest Lasting: A bag of about 3.6L can be used by a cat for one month.

With many colors and fragrance choices

Free from sticking to cats paw.


Main Variety
Main Specification

Type-C Spherical cat sand
1-8mm white, plain & perfumed

Type-C clumpy granule cat sand

Water-tolerant spherical cat sand

Large pore clumpy cat sand

Type-B silica gel cat sand

Silicon-aluminum gel cat sand

Remarks: Other varieties and specification according to customers' requirements

How to use

Spread cat litters with thickness about 1.5 inches within clean cat litter box. ??

Periodically clean up rubbish which brought after using to keep clean.

If there are several cats, shorten the period replacing cat litter in proportion, do not place superabundant cat litters in cat litter box.

Following usage of a bag 3.5L is recommended: one month for a cat, about 15 days for two cats and 10 days for three cats.

Cat litter after adsorption saturation should be cleaned out of box with scoop in time.


When used, cat litter box should be placed in ventilated and dry places.

When not used, cat litter should be placed in dry places.

Package: 3.6L/bag. As per customers requirements.
Terms of Payment
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