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Soy. Furanone has another name of cyclic high furanone. It had rich natural sweet smell and fragrance, together with slight flavor of caramel and savor of roaster food . The intensity of the fragrance is 3 to 9 times than that of Furanone. It is an essential raw material for edible perfume and a good reinforcer of sweetness agent.
This product can be widely applied in fruit, coffee, bread, maple juice and other food, drink and tobacco. It is approved a safe edible perfume by FEMA with the registration No.3623. Recently, it has been found out by Japanese researchers that it has the active function of anticancer
4-Hydroxy-2(or5) -ethl-5(or2) -methyl-3(2H) -furanone.
ISO 9001&3A2000, ISO14001&3A1996, KOF-K kosher, HALAL and FDA
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