Sell Sell Stannous Fluoroborate

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I. Properties:
1. Formula: Sn(BF4)2
2. Molecular weight: 292.34
3. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
4. Solubility: resolving when got with hotness or water
5. Specific weight: (at 200) 1.56 -- 1.57
II. Application
The product is used to keep grain from the etching of organic acids and to be electroplated tin on copper wires, it is also used for the electroplating bath for electromoulding shells, tin or tin alloy.
III. Envelopment, points for attention:
Each barrel is 25kg or 6kg in net weight, enveloped in a polyethylene barrel. It should be sealed hermetically, kept in a cool, ventilate storehouse.