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STRUCTURAL FEATURES: 1) Aluminum alloy die-cast lamp body and cover plate
2) Of tasteful mode, simple and firm structure
3) Lamp prism transparent shade is made of hard borax glass; it is of high-temperature resistance, sound impact proof, and its light usage rate is larger than 85%; the light is gently illuminated through prism refraction
4) Lamp reflectors are made of high purity aluminum, gone through anodization and oxidation film seal-off treatment; it is of high reflection rate
5) Absorbent carbon air-purifying filter inside the lamp reflector ensures high output of light flux and reduce attenuation of reflection coefficient
6) The lamp surface has gone through plastic-injection treatment thus can
endure high temperature and bad climate. It's of superior performance
and beautiful appearance
7) The lamp integration design makes its apparatus parts installed inside the lamp
8) Convenient for use and maintenance

1. Optical assembly IP65
2. The casing snit-corrosion performance Class II
3. Working atmosphere -350~+450
4. Electroshock resistant protective grade Grade I
5. Power 150W~250W
6. Power source 220V (110%) /50HZ / 60HZ
7. Packing size 720W355W305
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street light
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UL ,ISO9001
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various color Available
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