Sell Sell Ultra Clear Screen Protector

Sell Ultra Clear Screen Protector You May Also Be Interested In: asus mypal p505 clear screen clear screen protector o2 xda atom ultra clear screen protector
* anti-glare
* dust repelling
* bubble free
* fingerprint free
* washable and reusable
* improves handwriting recognition
* reduces 99% of UV rays caused by reflected light, protects your eyes
* protects sensitive screen protector against scratch

* material: silicon coat & PET, imported from Japan
* quantity: 1set (including 1 protector, 1 lint-free cloth & 1 plastic card)
* transparency: >99.9%
* N. W. : 3g
* G. W. : 16g
* Packing: PE bag

Compatible with
Acer n10 1-1160101-1-XX
Acer n30/n35 1-1160102-1-XX
Acer n300 1-1160105-1-XX
Acer n50 1-1160103-1-XX
Acer s10 1-1160104-1-XX
Apple iPod 20G/40G/Photo 1-1160202-1-XX
Apple iPod 4G 1-1160201-1-XX
Apple iPod mini 1-1160204-1-XX
Apple iPod nano 1-1160205-1-XX
Apple iPod video 1-1160206-1-XX
Asus MyPal A600 1-1160301-1-XX
Asus MyPal A620 1-1160302-1-XX
Asus MyPal A632/A636 1-1160306-1-XX
Asus MyPal A716 1-1160303-1-XX
Asus MyPal A730 1-1160304-1-XX
Asus MyPal P505 1-1160305-1-XX
Audio Vox 1-1169905-1-XX
BenQ P50 1-1169913-1-XX
DAXIAN CU928 1-1161305-1-XX
Dell Axim X3/X3i 1-1160501-1-XX
Dell Axim X5 1-1160502-1-XX
Dell Axim X50 1-1160503-1-XX
Dell Axim X50v 1-1160504-1-XX
dopod 575 1-1161309-1-XX
dopod 585 1-1161306-2-XX
dopod 686 1-1161304-1-XX
dopod 696 1-1161302-1-XX
dopod 700 1-1161303-1-XX
dopod 818 1-1161301-1-XX
dopod 818 pro/830 1-1161301-1-XX
dopod 828 1-1161308-1-XX
dopod 838 1-1161312-1-XX
dopod 900 1-1161310-1-XX
ETEN M500/M600 1-1169910-1-XX
Fujitsu FMV-P8210 1-1160603-1-XX
Fujitsu LOOX 600 1-1160601-1-XX
Fujitsu LOOX N500 1-1160602-1-XX
Compaq iPAQ H3600/3800/3900 1-1160401-1-XX
HP iPAQ H1910/1920 1-1160801-1-XX
HP iPAQ H1930/1940 1-1160802-1-XX
HP iPAQ H2210/2215 1-1160803-1-XX
HP iPAQ H4150/4350 1-1160804-1-XX
HP iPAQ H5450/5550 1-1160805-1-XX
HP iPAQ H6300 1-1160806-1-XX
HP iPAQ hw6515 1-1160807-1-XX
HP iPAQ hx2100 1-1160808-1-XX
HP iPAQ hx2400 1-1160816-1-XX
HP iPAQ hx2700 1-1160817-1-XX
HP iPAQ hx4700 1-1160809-1-XX
HP iPAQ rw6100 1-1160815-1-XX
HP iPAQ rw6818/6828 1-1160818-1-XX
HP iPAQ rx3400 1-1160810-1-XX
HP iPAQ rx3715 1-1160811-1-XX
HP iPAQ rz1717 1-1160812-1-XX
HP Jornada 545 1-1160813-1-XX
HP Jornada 568/928 1-1160814-1-XX
INNO 90 1-1169901-2-XX
Lenovo E320 1-1160901-1-XX
Lenovo ET180 1-1160902-1-XX
Lenovo ET280 1-1160903-1-XX
Lenovo ET560 1-1160904-1-XX
Lenovo ET960 1-1160905-1-XX
Lenovo ET980 1-1160908-1-XX
Lenovo Plam 168 1-1160906-1-XX
Lenovo XP100/210/208/218/6800 1-1160907-1-XX
LG 7070 1-1169908-1-XX
Matsunichi IP 3230 1-1162601-1-XX
Mitac Mio 138 1-1161101-1-XX
Mitac Mio 169 1-1161107-1-XX
Mitac Mio 336/168 1-1161102-1-XX
Mitac Mio 338/339 1-1161103-1-XX
Mitac Mio 528 1-1161104-1-XX
Mitac Mio 558 1-1161105-1-XX
Mitac Mio 8390 1-1161106-2-XX
Mitac Mio A201 1-1161109-1-XX
Mitac Mio A700 1-1161108-1-XX
Mitac Mio P350 1-1161110-1-XX
Motorola A1000 1-1162303-2-XX
Motorola A668 1-1162304-2-XX
Motorola A760 1-1162305-2-XX
Motorola A780 1-1162301-2-XX
Motorola E398 1-1162309-2-XX
Motorola E680 1-1162302-2-XX
Motorola L6 1-1162312-2-XX
Motorola L7 1-1162313-2-XX
Motorola M388C 1-1162306-2-XX
Motorola U6 1-1162311-2-XX
Motorola V3 1-1162307-2-XX
Motorola V3i 1-1162310-2-XX
Motorola V690 1-1162308-2-XX
NEC P300E 1-1161201-1-XX
NEC Sigmarion III 1-1161202-1-XX
NITENDO NDS 1-1169911-1-XX
NITENDO GBM 1-1169912-1-XX
Nokia 3230 1-1162401-2-XX
Nokia 3650 1-1162402-2-XX
Nokia 6111 1-1162421-2-XX
Nokia 6230i 1-1162409-2-XX
Nokia 6235 1-1162422-2-XX
Nokia 6260 1-1162416-2-XX
Nokia 6270 1-1162420-2-XX
Nokia 6600 1-1162403-2-XX
Nokia 6630 1-1162404-2-XX
Nokia 6670 1-1162410-2-XX
Nokia 6680 1-1162411-2-XX
Nokia 6681 1-1162412-2-XX
Nokia 7260 1-1162419-2-XX
Nokia 7270 1-1162424-2-XX
Nokia 7280 1-1162423-2-XX
Nokia 7360 1-1162425-2-XX
Nokia 7370 1-1162426-2-XX
Nokia 7380 1-1162427-2-XX
Nokia 7610 1-1162405-2-XX
Nokia 7650 1-1162406-2-XX
Nokia 7710 1-1162407-2-XX
Nokia 8800 1-1162413-2-XX
Nokia 9300 1-1162415-2-XX
Nokia 9500 1-1162414-2-XX
Nokia N70 1-1162418-2-XX
Nokia N90 1-1162417-2-XX
Nokia QD 1-1162408-2-XX
O2 Xda Atom 1-1161313-1-XX
O2 Xda Exec/i-mate Jasjar/Qtek 9000 1-1161310-1-XX
O2 Xda II mini/i-mate jam/Qtek S100 1-1161301-1-XX
O2 Xda II/i-mate/Qtek 2020 1-1161302-1-XX
O2 Xda III/IIs/i-mate PDA2k/Qtek 9090 1-1161303-1-XX
O2 Xda mini Pro/i-mate K-JAM/Qtek 9100 1-1161312-1-XX
O2 Xda Neo/i-mate JAMin/Qtek S200 1-1161301-1-XX
O2 Xda/Qtek 1010 1-1161304-1-XX
Qtek S110 1-1161308-1-XX
OQO 1-1169902-1-XX
Handspring Treo 600/650 1-1161406-1-XX
Handspring Treo180G 1-1160701-1-XX
Handspring Treo180/90/270/300 1-1160703-1-XX
Handspring Visor Edge 1-1160702-1-XX
Palm III/IIIe/xe/x/TRGPro 1-1161401-1-XX
Palm IIIc 1-1161402-1-XX
Palm LifeDrive 1-1161413-1-XX
Palm m100/m105/m125/m130 1-1161403-1-XX
Palm m500/m505/m515/V/Vx 1-1161404-1-XX
Palm OS Wrist PDA 1-1161405-1-XX
Palm Tungsten C/W 1-1161407-1-XX
Palm Tungsten E/E2 1-1161408-1-XX
Palm Tungsten T/T2 1-1161409-1-XX
Palm Tungsten T3 1-1161410-1-XX
Palm Tungsten T5/TX 1-1161414-1-XX
Palm Zire 22 1-1161417-1-XX
Palm Zire 31 1-1161415-1-XX
Palm Zire 71 1-1161411-1-XX
Palm Zire 72 1-1161416-1-XX
Palm Zire/Zire 21 1-1161412-1-XX
Panasonic X70 1-1169907-1-XX
Samsung D410 1-1161502-2-XX
Samsung D500/508 1-1161503-2-XX
Samsung E358 1-1161510-2-XX
Samsung E530 1-1161514-2-XX
Samsung E738 1-1161511-2-XX
Samsung E800/810 1-1161509-2-XX
Samsung P408 1-1161505-2-XX
Samsung SCH-i519 1-1161501-2-XX
Samsung SCH-i539 (CDMA) 1-1161506-2-XX
Samsung SGH-E700/708 1-1161507-2-XX
Samsung SGH-V208/200 1-1161508-2-XX
Samsung X488 1-1161513-2-XX
Samsung X628 1-1161516-2-XX
Samsung X648 1-1161515-2-XX
Samsung X668 1-1161512-2-XX
Sharp SL-5600c 1-1161601-1-XX
Sharp W-ZER03 slc 1-1161603-1-XX
Sharp W-ZERO3 es 1-1161604-1-XX
Sharp zaurus slc 1-1161602-1-XX
Siemens M65 1-1162501-2-XX
Sony Clie N600c/700c 1-1161701-1-XX
Sony Clie NR70/70v/NX60/70v 1-1161702-1-XX
Sony Clie NX73v/80v 1-1161703-1-XX
Sony Clie NZ90 1-1161704-1-XX
Sony Clie S300/320/360/500 1-1161705-1-XX
Sony Clie SJ33/30/22/20 1-1161706-1-XX
Sony Clie T600c/400/SL10 1-1161707-1-XX
Sony Clie TG50 1-1161708-1-XX
Sony Clie TH55 1-1161709-1-XX
Sony Clie TJ35/25 1-1161710-1-XX
Sony Clie TJ37/27 1-1161711-1-XX
Sony Clie UX50/UX40 1-1161712-1-XX
Sony DSCP73 1-1161713-1-XX
Sony P100 1-1161714-1-XX
Sony PSP 1-1161715-1-XX
Sony VAIO UX 1-1161717-1-XX
Sony VAIO-U50/U70 1-1161716-1-XX
Sony Ericsson K300 1-1162212-2-XX
Sony Ericsson K500 1-1162209-2-XX
Sony Ericsson K600 1-1162211-2-XX
Sony Ericsson K700c 1-1162203-2-XX
Sony Ericsson K750 1-1162204-2-XX
Sony Ericsson P800/P802 1-1162201-2-XX
Sony Ericsson P908/P900 1-1162202-2-XX
Sony Ericsson P910i/P910c 1-1162205-2-XX
Sony Ericsson S700i/S700c 1-1162206-2-XX
Sony Ericsson T610 1-1162207-2-XX
Sony Ericsson T630 1-1162208-2-XX
Sony Ericsson W550 1-1162214-2-XX
Sony Ericsson W800 1-1162213-2-XX
Sony Ericsson W900i 1-1162215-2-XX
Sony Ericsson Z300c 1-1162216-2-XX
Sony Ericsson Z800/800i 1-1162210-2-XX
Tapwave Zodiac 1-1169901-1-XX
Toshiba e310/330/740 1-1161801-1-XX
Toshiba e570 1-1161805-1-XX
Toshiba e750/755 1-1161802-1-XX
Toshiba e800 1-1161803-1-XX
Toshiba e500c 1-1161806-1-XX
Toshiba e550g 1-1161804-1-XX
Viewsonic V35/36/37 1-1161901-1-XX
Xplore G18 1-1162101-2-XX
Xplore G88 1-1162103-2-XX
Xplore M28 1-1162102-2-XX
Xplore M68 1-1162104-2-XX
1.5 inch 1-1162001-3-XX
1.6 inch 1-1162002-3-XX
1.7 inch 1-1162003-3-XX
1.8 inch 1-1162004-3-XX
1.9 inch 1-1162005-3-XX
2 inch 1-1162006-3-XX
2.2 inch 1-1162007-3-XX
2.4 inch 1-1162008-3-XX
2.5 inch 1-1162009-3-XX
2.7 inch 1-1162012-3-XX
3 inch 1-1162010-3-XX
3.5 inch 1-1162011-3-XX

Use Means
* Clean the LCD screen with a lint-free cloth.
* Remove the backing of the protector. [WHITE LABLE]
* Align the screen protector along the edge of the screen. If you need to realign the protector, simply lift it up and reapply.
* Gently slide a credit card or phone card over the surface of the protected screen, and press out the small bubbles that might be visible.
* Remove the backing of the protector. [YELLOW LABLE
Supply Capacity
5000 pcs per day
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
within 7 days
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
Terms of Payment
T/T in advance
Terms of Sale
Fob Shenzhen
Warranty Coverage
1 year