Sell Sell WL8430L / WL7425L Poly-Film Greenhouse

Sell WL8430L / WL7425L Poly-Film Greenhouse You May Also Be Interested In: poly film
This tine-arch single film greenhouse is fitting to South of China and similar areas. Hot galvanized steels tubes framework and larger gutters for rainwater running off, it is a good choice for rainy and moist areas.
 The roof is covered by no-drip plastic film and the side by long-life film. The wall skirt is ex-protected by strengthen film.
 Wire are used to fasten the film.
 Suspender frame is used for the main arch. The end arch and arch around are specially strengthened.
 The vents set on the roof , on the two sides of the ridge and around are clever to operate.
 Insect screen is optional and be used to prevent insect from entering into the house.
 The ventilation are all manually or auto controlled and easy for you to adjust the temperature.