Sell Sell Wireless GSM Car Alarm(F-900C) -low price (CE passed)

Sell Wireless GSM Car Alarm(F-900C) -low price (CE passed) You May Also Be Interested In: gas line wireless car alarm wireless data communication
This most advanced wireless GSM car alarm adopt wireless data communnication technology, and firstly achieve the wireless connection of GSM car alarm. It is solely porduced by FASHIONCAR.

Main feature & function
1. Anti-burglar, anti-robbery;
2. Adopting wireless data communication technology, with faster alarming response and more stable performance than wire GSM car alarm;
3. Auto Alarming;
4. Auto broadcasting/shouting;
5. Disable vehicle through remote circuit/gas line lock;
6. Good concealment, being installed any hidden place of vehicle and achieving the wireless connection between main unit and the existing car alarm, working even if the existing car alarm removed.
7. Gas supply cut /breaker connecting the main unit wirelessly so that the vehicle can not be started once the circuit/ gas line is locked, even the main unit of alarm is dismantled
8. With hidden emergency alarm switch and gas supply/power cut switch;
9. Guard against wire-cut: if the general power is snipped, it will call mobile phone of car owner and give voice warning of power-off alarming.
10. Anti-dead and anti-leakage-of-alarm design;
11. Remote monitoring
12. Password protection;
13. Arm/disarm by telephone;
14. Car position location by GSM network;
15. Small capacity, easy to install and use, cost-effective.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
3-4 days
Minimum Order Quantity