Sell Sell Zimeishu Silver-ion Gynecological Pad

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Zimeishu Silver-ion Gynecological Pad---- It has predominant function to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of gynecological inflammations. The main ingredients are silver-ion and natural herbal medicines extract. The characters are as follows:

No.1 Quick efficacy, no toxicity and side effect
Silver-ion and natural herbal medicine extract begin to function within five seconds. No destroy and irritate to the acid-base balance in vagina, skin and mucous membrane.

No.2 Keep clean, convenient and hygienic
The pad protects, nourishes and nurses the vulva all the time. Individual and steriled package is convenient to take and use anywhere and anytime without embarrassment.

No.3 Continuous protection and treatment
It provides whole day protection and shortens the illness period.

No.4 Fresh and comfortable
Comfortable pad combined with silver-ion dissociating movement and skin-absorption skill make female feel fresh and moistened.